Make a top ten list of things to do this summer with DaHairDoc’s Beauty Products!

Make a top ten list of things to do this summer.


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DaHairDoc says don’t take your scalp, hair & skin through a scorching summer of sunhine & hairstyling heat abuse without some “fresh” formulations created just for you:

  1. Show off your summer ready hair with fresh product care…
  2. Use pre-shampoo “overnight” treatment jelly found only at:
  3. After a good summernight’s beauty sleep session shampoo that pre-shampoo-treated hair with DaHairDoc’s BBBlooming New Hair & Skin Shampoo :
  4. To help maintain your summer hair new “growth” and “stretch” your hair length with DaHairDoc’s Fantastic Hair “Elastic” tm at:
  5. To keep that summer hair from burning up & getting overheated – stock your beauty cabinet with DaHairDocs Whipped Curly Girl Dream Cream at:
  6. If your summer hairstyle just has to “B-Flat” try some of DaHairDoc’s serum to smooth the hair, seal the cuticle, and mirror reflect the bling, bling of summer sun-shine – grab some now at:
  7. Like the sweet summer morning-dew – if you’re a doobie-hair-wrap-sister? This product’s just for you:
  8. For daily summer healthy hair wear – be sure to add this buttery-smooth skin & hair conditioning/dressing blend if you dare?
  9. Protect Your Scalp, Hair & Skin with this addictive- natural-fraganced luxury beauty-oil blend:
  10. Share the fruitful-harvest of your healthy summer haircare labors with family & friends with DaHairDoc’s Beauty Kit!

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