Do It Yourself Hair Naturally by DaHairDoc, means…


Do It Yourself Hair Naturally by DaHairDoc, means…

Products & Practice must be balanced to ensure that the unique texture and bioenvironmental chemistry needs of your hair texture must be ensured to prevent breakage often caused by lack of proper moisture and improper mechanical handling resulting in hair stress…hair shock…hair damage.

Many of the thousands of women I have helped all over the world have suffered plenty of hair heatbreak due to a lack on education about their individual hair care needs. DaHairDoc encourages and supports women who have made a conscious decision to forgo chemical treatments which alter their hair texture…increasing the potential for hair damage…toward an embrace of their natural texture which requires DIY discipline and proper product/styling management.

A back-to-basics approach makes all the difference in a natural hair wearing woman’s world. #1 – A regimen that saturates the often delicate hair strands (no matter what the curly, kinky, mixed chick, wavy or straight pattern) with good old earth-ancient h2O (water) that softens the hair strands and temporarily changes its pH to receive moisture, #2 an emulsifying conditioner that functions as a remoisturizer and filler of areas on the surface layer of the hair strands that may have suffered nicks, scratches,etc due to every styling friction, elemental wear, temperature fluctuations and more and #3 a product that will keep delivering the proper amount of time-released hydration in an emoliient manner that doesn’t weight he strands down with product impurities that toxify the scalp and prevent the absorption of environmental moisture in to the hair strand. has succeeded in developing, marketing and supplying the strongly mandated product needs that all hair types demand, and especially comes to the rescue of the natural hair wearer that requires professional performance. In the spirit of a neo-resurrected Madame CJ Walker, Tracey Bond Girl “007” -dba- DaHairDoc is a natural hair product inventor with an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for over 2 decades! Customer excellence, loyalty and professional reliability in the delivery of her proucts and services have been her web-claim to healty hair fame!

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