About DaHairDoc

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About DaHairDoc!
The neo Madame CJ Walker of this era is Tracey Bond “007” beauty renowned as DaHairDoc!

Tracey Bond Girl "007" is DaHairDoc

“The Neo Madame CJ Walker”

Tracey Bond “007” is DaHairDoc!

Awarded with the merit of Chicago’s Rising Star title by Cosmetologists Chicago Asociation (CCA), the National Cosmetology Association Affiliate & Fashion Group International (FGI), Tracey Bond (DaHairDoc) is passionate in productive multipurpose about her gifted career and super-skillsets an expert, licensed cosmetologist, educator, publisher/author and beauty expert.

Alicia S. – NIU Alumni & DaHairDoc Healthy Hair (HairColor) Program Client

Having over a thousand satisfied clientele to date, Tracey is quite skilled at providing women of all cultures rich with a variety of unique hair textures, tones types and styles with healthy hair care sevrices that result in the wear of aesthetically beautiful service outcomes. DaHairDoc is currently celebrating her 1st DECADE as a global renowned entrepreneurial beauty pioneer in the field of internet and e-commerce hosting http://www.dahairdoc.com/ and http://www.healthyblackhair.com/.

It can be well-perceived that Tracey Bond (DaHairDoc) is the humanitarian, neo Madame CJ Walker of this era.  Tracey has operated a professional healthy hair and emergency damage repair & rehabilitation hair program at her salon/spa-clinic from 2000 to 2010…she now travels freely to VIP clients via Hair House Calls, Friday Blow-Dry-Bys & mobile professional service or estore product deliveries while on house-call!

DaHairDoc’s Beauty-full Salon/Spa Clinic & Palatial Parlour

Tracey Bond “007”s acclaim to beauty expert internet fame began at the turn of the century at BombHair.com where Tracey became highly honored with respect to her guaranteed hair-fix-it FAQ knowledge as the hair damage go-to-grooming care guru, “DaHairDoc,” representin’ with her own “DaHairDoc Hair Help Page” with links to DaHairDoc Hair FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Black Hair Questions & Black Hair Care Message Boards) that have helped literally thousands of women on a daily basis worldwide to learn trustworthy information about their common and not-so-common hair woes toward healthier hair care solutions, treatments, services and product knowledge…with a licensed expert with a holistic hair care approach to her professional cosmetology practice.

Her popular link to the BombHair.com – Illinois Stylist’s page feature, “Doctor Is In!” allowed expansion of one’s hair quest for sound style education via DaHairDoc’s Healthy Hair Education Seminar: “Hair Skool 1-on-1” which is now offered via DaHairDoc.com @ DaHairDoc Univercity.


DaHairDoc currently offers an impressive line of gourmet goodie luxury natural hair products with integrity that do what they say. The Natural Hair Transition movement calls for a transformation of products available to the hair-movers that offer beauty supply support of their unmet natural hair care product needs.



Tracey Bond “007” (DaHairDoc) continues to blog, counsel, educate and inform through online engagement with her customers and the social networking community at a global level.


Enjoy her daily blog at: http://www.traceybond007.com/


LIKE her Facebook Pages: http://www.facebook.com/#!/dahairdocdotcom & community page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/DaHairDoccom/194695430546449

Tracey Bond “007” also hosts a group on BossChicks.com where you can Join DaHairDoc’s Healthy Hair Growth & Beauty Help eClinic online at: http://bosschicks.com/group/dahairdoc-s-hair-growth-beauty-help-eclinic-for-bo



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