DaHairDoc guest shares on Dr. Crystal Porter of Mane Insights, LLC’s “How the Hair Are You?”on-air show LIVE on WCSU Chicago and on Periscope!


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About yesterday, So grateful to share this dynamic education/research platform as my licensed cosmetology brand (Dahairdoc Hair GrowingSocialof DaHairDoc.com @DaHairDoctor & owner imof ‪#‎NaturalHairNetwork‬(@nathairnetwork) on Facebook & hair industry experts, meaningful discussions as the WCSU on-air guest LIVE with the “How The Hair Are You? show host and America’s #1 ‪#‎HairScientist‬, Dr. Crystal Porter, (@ManeInsights) of Mane Insights, LLC….on ‪#‎Periscope‬ as well…Check out the 4 Segments here at:


Seg. 4 Periscope.tv/ManeInsights/1jMJgnnQmBqGL
Seg. 3 Periscope.tv/ManeInsights/1YqJDVVBZZoKV
Seg. 2 Periscope.tv/ManeInsights/1jMKgnnwRwexL
Seg. 1 Periscope.tv/ManeInsights/1YpJkppvPZjxj


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Q: Now about your healthier hairstyle?

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